Flat Rock

Flat Rock is situated very close to Point Jardin. It is made of a group of huge boulders lying about 400 metres from the shoreline. The biggest boulder rises to within a few metres from surface. Circumnavigating the boulders takes around 35-40 minutes. In amongst the boulder are a number of small caves to explore. Some caves are swathed in Glass Fish, but beware Stingrays and moray Eels are often lurking inside! Turtles are encountered. The smaller ones normally do not mind divers approaching for photographs. Divers may well experience some current and surge during this dive. On the seaward side look out for Eagle Rays and Whitetip Sharks. Triggerfish, Napoleonfish, Puffers, Sweetlips, Soldier Fish and shoals of Fusiliers are often seen inside the cracks crevices surrounding the boulders. This is an excellent spot for a night dive!


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