Silhouette Island

Along with Mahe and Praslin, Silhouette is the third of the three major islands in the Seychelles chain. Land area is around 20 square kilometres, which is actually very large compared to some of the tinier islands in the Seychelles, and at it peak, it is 780 metres elevation. Because of this, it one of the great preserves of biodiversity in the Indian Ocean. Because Silhouette is hilly, it is the least amenable to development. But the great thing is that it retains many of its natural flora and wildlife. It is home of the main roost of the extremely rare SeychellesSheath-tailed Bat. This species has declined in population, and the reason for this is not known. Therefore, conservation of Silhouette island is necessary in order to preserve these animals from extinction. Silhouette is part of one of the most famous tourist destinations, the Seychelles Islands, where people come to enjoy a great vacation in a beautiful setting. Visitors come away knowing they have been in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Silhouette is unlike its neighbours, in that it originated from a volcano. It is named after a Frenchman who lived in the 18th century. A privateer named Hodoul lived on Silhouette for a time, and there is speculation that he buried treasure on this island. Lots of people have tried, but nobody has found it yet. A vacation here is an adventure, and is enjoyable for people no matter their age or occupation.

Because it is relatively untouched by human progress, Silhouette is a perfect retreat for those who love nature. Silhouette Island does not have roads and is accessible only by helicopter or boat. Daubin Mountain is the highest peak on the island, rising to over 780 metre. Most of the rainforest surrounding the mountain is uncharted territory and is full of botanical wonders like orchids, hardwoods, the uncommon jug plant, and the anger tree, which is unique to Silhouette.