There is an opportunity for snorkelling on your own in front of our Hotel but this is down to weather condition and the tide. Our beaches are sandy with rocks you can not pass at low tide.


Another opportunity is the participation in one of our supervised snorkel tours. We go out on our big Maledivian Dhoni to a calm side of the Island where we are sheltered by the mountains. Even when it is too choppy for snorkelling in front of the hotel we have those opportunities left.

We start our tour close to the Island where we have granite rocks and boulders topped with coral spots. You can expect to see a huge diversity of fish and all kind of life you can find in the Indian Ocean. Particular we have a marine park around Silhouette and we are the only Center which is diving and snorkelling at those preserved sides the sides are unspoiled and brimming with life. Even turtles are not seldom and sometimes special sting rays can be encountered. Frequently we see humphead parrotfish and Napoleon Wrasses.


The boat ride, the equipment, snorkelling vest, water and refreshments and the guide is included in the price. Normally we are going out on request and availability at 14:00 hrs. The complete tour lasts for around 2-2:30hrs. The participants get a comprehensive explanation about snorkelling before they enter the water and as a safety feature our boat stays on side.